How to break free from bad habits

1. Stop Procrastinating

This is hands down the best way to stop being lazy, and I will teach you how to do it. First, I want you to think of 2 things; what are the things you're procrastinating about and why are you procrastinating over them? Knowing the root cause of the problem is always a significant advantage in solving it.

Now, I want you to get the most important thing you're procrastinating about. I'm going to guess it's something large, like a school assignment. Now, I want you to break that task you've been procrastinating about into smaller steps. I'll give you a minute to work out how to break that task into smaller parts.

Make realistic goals for the task you are doing. As I am using a school assignment as my example, my goals will be to write at least 600 words and 5 paragraphs.

If these won't do the trick, I bet you the 2-minute rule will. Pretty much, tell yourself you're only doing your task for 2 minutes, set a timer for 2 minutes, and keep repeating until you have completed your task.

Also, I don't care what your task is and what your method is, remove your phone from your room whilst doing it at all times. If you need your phone for the task you are doing, please, at the very least, turn all your notifications off.

Hopefully, this works. If it motivates you to do your task more, feel free to treat yourself, just a bit, once you have fully completed it. Try not to overdo your treat, and please, only treat yourself when you genuinely think you deserve it.

2. NoFap and Semen Retention

Alright, so I'm going to be completely honest, theirs no "strategies" to this. That is why they are not working. The only "strategy" is just don't do it. Yes, urges may win once or twice, but if you are disciplined enough, your urges should go within a month. All these self improvement youtubers and influencers who are saying theirs a strategy and whatever honestly just want money and views.

It's also important to do semen retention if you want to increase your testosterone. If you didn't know what that means, it's where you don't ejaculate.

3. Quit Vaping

If you don't vape, which is probably most of you guys, scroll down to the next step. If you do, keep reading.

First thing is, why do you vape? If you do it because your friends do it, stop being friends with them. Their idiots who are going to get lung cancer from this stupid shit. If you are doing it because of depression or anxiety, see a therapist if you have the money, otherwise, talk to your family and friends about it. Some alternatives can also be gum, fruit, doing pushups, etc.

If it helps, remember what this does to you. If you don't know, google it.

4. Stop scrolling 24/7

Get your phone for a second, go to settings, and check your screen time. If it is above 3 hours a day, that's already a decade of your life wasted on your phone if you continue this, assuming you'll live until the age of 90. So, I want you to try and reduce your weekly average by 1 hour a day every week, and I will teach you how here.

First step, turn off all notifications. You can leave call notifications on but that's it. You can tell your friends you're doing this if you need to, so they understand why you're giving them delayed responses.

Second step, don't bring your phone around in public if necessary. Yes, I understand, if you need to have it whilst at some places, that's completely fine, but don't use it at those places if possible. Another piece of advice is to never have it in your room, as you will most likely mindlessly scroll on it. If you need it for an alarm or whatever, put it in a place where you can't go over and grab it, and speaking of which, have a bedtime routine. Here's one I'd recommend; go to bed at 10 pm and wake up at 7 am. Don't use any screens at all after 9 pm. During the hour between then and when you go to bed, write everything you remember about your day, get ready for bed, read, then go to bed.

Instead of wasting your time consuming this garbage content all day, why don't you spend your time creating it instead? I have courses on how to do this, and it only costs $10.

Before I wrap up this part, I'd recommend doing stuff like playing video games, watching TV, etc less. Of course, these things are alright in moderation, but it shouldn't be a regular thing. Instead, spend your time with family, friends, pursuing hobbies, etc.

5. Stop eating processed shit

Stop eating for the pleasure of it a lot. Might sound hard, but remember this: you won't remember the taste the next day, will you? But will your body remember the calories? Yes, probably.

Instead of eating processed bs, eat foods with protein in it, and fruits and vegetables. Work out the amount of food with protein you have a day, and the amount of fruit and veggies you have a day should be half of that. Oh yeah I'm not saying you can't have processed foods occasionally, but please limit it.

Your diet isn't limited to what food you eat, it is also limited to what you drink. Next time you think of buying a coke or whatever, ask yourself: "Why am I getting this?". If it's for hydration, drink water, if it's for the taste, drink a fruit juice (preferably, drink water, but juice is still better than a coke), if it's too feel energised, drink coffee.

Next time you go shopping, plan ahead. Instead of buying a packet of chips, buy a packet of nuts. Instead of getting lollies, buy fruit. Instead of buying an ice cream tub, buy yoghurt. You get the point, basically, just buy healthy alternatives.

To end this bit off, having your favourite foods and whatever occasionally is fine, if it is in moderation. Also, when buying healthy foods, don't just choose the same thing everytime, or else you will get sick of the diet, and eventually give up.

6. Start going to the gym

Hopefully, you're wanting to either gain muscle or lose weight. Maybe both. Maybe you might just need something to do after a long day.

I would highly recommend doing a sport as well, even if you already go to the gym. Choose whichever sport you want. That way, you can get your hour or 2 of exercise a day in. Now, that isn't my only reason, and in fact, it is just one of many. Other reasons include it boosts your confidence, concentration, gives you better sleep, etc.

If you don't already have one, get a gym membership. If you can't afford one, then do around 100 pushups daily 5 days a week. Sounds like a lot, but you can spread it out throughout the day. Go for walks, runs, bike rides, etc regularly as well.

If you have a gym membership, give yourself a 5 day gym routine. On the next guide, there will be one.

If you are skinny and trying to gain weight, see cardio as your enemy. You can go for walks and bike rides occasionally, but avoid using the treadmill at the gym. If you are trying to lose weight, go on the treadmill at least once or twice a week.

Also, if you have friends or family members that go to the same gym as you, definitely go with them.

Remember, you won't get your ideal physique in a day. It'll probably take at least a month or two before you start making a lot of progress.

If you are severely injured and/or you physically can't go to the gym, don't worry, I've been in the same situation, but as soon as you recover, work twice as hard as you were before you broke that bone and train the other muscles if possible.

7. Have at least 3 meals a day

Pretty self explanatory, so I won't go on too much here, but make sure you are doing this, even if you are trying to lose weight.

8. Drink water

90%, if not more, of the liquid you consume should be water. Aim for around 2-3L of water a day. Remember, you need water to survive, meanwhile, you don't need any other drink to survive.

9. Don't talk negative about yourself or compare yourself to others

If you are always comparing yourself to others, you are always going to feel that they are better than you.

You should only compare yourself To yourself. Strive to be better than who you were yesterday, not some random person online who doesn't know you exist.

Ps; hating yourself doesn't motivate you, and if anything, it demotivates you, but being proud of yourself, if you don't overdo it, motivates you to keep going and be better.

If it's a joke, it's not funny or whatever. Nobody actually laughs at those sorts of jokes anyways, so please, tell me, what do you gain from it?

In summary, if you are doing well, believe you are doing well, and keep going. If you aren't doing well, think "what can I do about it?", and actually do something about it.

10. Don't overdo anything

Yes, you should be working hard, but you deserve a rest. This doesn't mean going back to your old bad habits again, but you deserve to relax. Of course, if you own a business, you obviously need to check on it daily, but you deserve to have fun in life.

Hopefully, this guide works for you. It requires discipline, as you have to make the decisions yourself. Anyways, best of luck, and feel free to join our discord server to talk with people in the transformyourlife community, and ask them any questions.

Once you have quit your bad habits, which should hopefully not take more than a day to a week, go onto the next guide.